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 Cautionary Tales and Strange Imaginings - The home page of KB Willson



KB Willson is the pen name of   Kevin Burke, an actor/entertainer who has worked for over 30 years in all aspects of performance and theatre arts. (If you want to know more about Kevin's 'other life', click here) Throughout that time he has always had an insatiable need to write, mostly for performance and the theatre, but latterly more in the form of speculative and genre fiction, specifically Fantasy,  Science Fiction and the Supernatural.

He is a member of the Northampton Science Fiction Writers Group.

He writes an occasional blog which can be found at

Vintage Bookstore

Writing Credits


(writing as Kevin Burke)


              Bear Faced Cheek (1997)     “The Elements of Madness”

               Asylum Theatre Co. (1999)     “Asylum Years”

             Bear Faced Cheek (2003/4)     “Murder by Magic”   

        Bear Faced Productions (2009)     “The True & Terrible History of John 'Babbacombe'  Lee”



(writing as Kevin Burke)

NewCon Press (2013)  "Wheat"  

(Winner of NewCon/IAgrE  short story  competition. Subsequently published in the  'Looking Landwards' anthology ISBN 978-1-907069-59-8)


Blandford Short Story Competition:   "Outward Bound" (2017) ;  "The Angel of Cold Harbour"(2018) 

(Both winners of the Dorset Prize for  fiction set within the county) 


(writing as KB Willson)

Little Red Writers (2019)  "Father's Day"

(Published in 'Dorset Shorts' anthology ISBN 978-1-9993557-0-8)

Timber Ghost Press (2021) "Oubliette"


Quill & Crow Publishing House (2022) "Relke of the Russet Hair"

(Published in 'Bleak Midwinter Vol 1 : The Darkest Night' anthology ISBN 978-1-958228-14-2)

The Slab (2023) "Disconnected"

(Published in 'Dark Horses' anthology - ISBN 978-1-7384268-0-5)

Other Worlds Ink (2024) "Exo"

(Published in 'Earth 2100' anthology - ISBN 979-8876572509)


PS Publishing  "The Melusine Pact"

(To be published in ParSec magazine - date TBA)



Ironbridge Museum 'Enginuity' (2002)    Responsible for writing all scripts for the interactive audio/visual  presentations featured throughout the museum.


A little sample of my work, read by the author!

This is a piece of 'flash fiction', just 500 words, to provide a flavour of my writing style. It was inspired by a local Dorset beauty spot and like so much of my writing, takes a distinctly dark turn...

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